In-flight Cell Phone Ban Draft proceeds In Congress

by yogesh

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has approved the Halting Airplane Noise to Give Us Peace (HANG UP) Act. In flight calls have been banned for a long time and we all know that we are supposed to switch off our mobiles during a flight. Personally I think this is a great move, who wants to be stuck next to a chatterbox glued to the mobile, next to you on a flight. This bill will permanent the long-standing ban on in-flight cell phone calls by the FAA and FCC. Peter DeFazio a Democrat representative of Oregon who co-sponsored the HANG UP Act, says, ‘Polls show the public overwhelmingly doesn’t want to be subjected to people talking on their cell phones on increasingly over-packed airplanes. However, with Internet access just around the corner on U.S. flights, it won’t be long before the ban on voice communications on in-flight planes is lifted. Cash-strapped airlines could end up charging some passengers to use their phones while charging others to sit in a phone-free section of the plane.’

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