Imitation PSP Shape Game and Nintendo DS

by Dhiram Shah

Imitation may the best form of flattery, but being out and out rip-offs is a bit too much! Like these pieces featured on Alibaba, a global trading site, they have featured a PSP Shape Game which is a like a mini replica of the Sony PSP. This handheld console is made in China and comes with earphones and a hand strap. A strategically placed “POP Station” is printed on the console. It is compatible with games like Soccer, Street Fighter, Submarine Invasion, and Fortress Guardian. Another interesting imitation is that of the Nintendo DS. Called “Double Game” on the site, the game has two screens with ‘Street Fighter’ on one and ‘Soccer’ on the other. This one is a LCD action game with large screens and colorful display; it can play optional games like Submarine Invasion, and Fortress Guardian too.


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