iLuv Masterpieces: i277BLK and i199BLK with Bluetooth

by Dhiram Shah

Some gizmos leave me speechless, and here we have two! The i277BLK and i199BLK are both by-products of iLuv’s brilliant men-at-work. Both these come with Bluetooth capability and a wireless remote control, this is a sure arrow aimed at the anti-cord community. They also prove to be worthy clock radios with a clock (with dual function alarms) and radio (AM/FM). Each of these two units comes with twin jAura speakers with 3W output. And if you thought these were too much, how about the BluePin audio transmitter/receiver that enables you to hear your music on any Bluetooth headset. The i199BLK is priced higher than the i277BLK as it provides with additional features like MP3 and CD playback and better display.

The i277BLK costs $150 while the i199BLK comes for $230. iLuv have made these big and shall (hopefully) be suitably rewarded for the same.

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