iHook makes sure your iPod Nano doesn’t go missing

by Gareth Mankoo

Many things haven’t yet been taken care of in the house of Apple. But it’s the relentless efforts by accessory manufacturers that saves grace and customer loyalty for the Cupertino giants. So it goes without saying that the iPod Nano ought to have a reliable means to ensure it doesn’t get lost all the time. It’s called the iHook and is available as an angled accessory that neatly perches, clings to or fits into nooks and crannies in your car. Basically a clip for attachment, the iHook makes a simple yet highly effective accessory.

You can also use it on you motorcycle, your work desk, your cockpit, your prison cell or even your coffin. Very, very convenient. To top it all, the iHook also opens beer cans! It’s a Kickstarter where $18 can get you three iHooks in the color of your choice.


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