HTC’s tablet PC, the Flyer, sticks to stylus use

by Gavril Mankoo

Taiwan-based manufacturer, HTC, has finally stepped into the tablet market with its first Android powered tablet. Called the HTC Flyer, this one chooses to step away from the finger-controlled ways of the BlackBerry Playbook and the Apple iPad, instead carrying along a stylus. Now the stylus sure seems like a old flame with feather-touch and other technologies around that make use of one’s fingers instead. However, HTC’s customized software enables users to do a whole lot more with the stylus, like for example, sketch!

The pricing on this one though can dig a hole in your pocket, with the stylus itself costing $79.99. The pouch that features a slot for the stylus costs around $34.99. in all, the HTC Flyer sums up to about $615, which might just turn off a few prospective buyers, who’d rather opt for tablets that ditch the stylus completely. HTC Incredible S.

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