Hop Pops add groove to your desktop

by radhika

Now I know this isn’t exactly the kind of gadget that features on our pages, but if you look at the sinister side of it you’ll be glad that I mentioned them. The Hop Pops are just a cute bunch of toys that you put on the desktop and react to sound all in unison. They keep popping their heads up and down for no reason. You can take this goofy act for sometime, but trust me it can get very annoying after a while. Now, for the sinister bit, you can gift them to a co-worker (who is equally annoying) and watch him freak out (as in go mad), revenge my friend is sweet, no make that groovy!

The Hop Pops are available as a frog, rabbit, panda, duck, monkey or bear, each for $17 or as a whole set for $88

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