Honda’s Fit ‘She’s’ Card targets women

by Gareth Mankoo

Honda know that women constitute half the world’s population and would love seeing something customized to their needs. How about a car then? The Fit ‘She’s’ model is specially built for the fairer sex and offers women a few good benefits that few chauvinistic manufacturers wouldn’t bother to consider. For once, the car offers a windshield that filters 99% UV rays. This can help beat wrinkles, somewhat. It comes in a pick drape with pink interiors and dashboard highlights. You can also dig the white and brown versions and have an eye-shadow to match. The Plasmacluster AC system ensures specially treated air, even beneficial to children.

This is a good attempt after the Dodge La Femme, which was the previous ladies’ car. That happened a few decades ago so the Honda She’s is a welcome addition for moms and sisters, begging for a gift.


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