HondaDog app offers a furry virtual travelling companion

by Gareth Mankoo

Honda have tied up with Yumeni to develop HondaDog, a rather intriguing driving app. It’s basically a virtual pet dog you can take along with you on travels. The HondaDog doesn’t only stay there to offer you good company on lonely road trips but also communicates with other HondaDogs in the vicinity, thus introducing a unique social angle to the whole deal. Thus saying, you too, being the owner of the cute pooch and all, can network and get to know new folk. What’s more interesting is that your beloved virtual pet can also be set certain errands. For instance, you can ask him to go fetch some details of a location you want to visit. That’s dominion over another species, made virtual. It’s something that could click with the diminishing humanity we breed.

The HondaDog app is quite useful as compared to a real dog. Real dogs shed, poop a lot and do not respond as quickly to sophisticated route-related commands.

[Via – Ubergizmo]

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