Here is the winner of 25 billionth Apple App store download – Fu Chunli

by Gavril Mankoo

Apple is now celebrating yet another milestone, with the 25th billion application downloaded from its vast App Store. The downloader, Fu Chunli hailing from Qingdao was all smiles after having downloaded a free version of the popular mobile game ‘Where’s my water?’ by Disney. Also, besides the obvious glee of being part of an Apple milestone, Fu Chunli was presented with an iTunes gift card worth 10,000 US dollars, a gracious gesture on Apple’s part if you ask us. Also, Fu Chunli was taken unawares given the fact that she hasn’t really been an ardent Apple fan for too long and had recently purchased an Apple iPhone. We’re pretty sure this is bound to leave countless Apple fans gritting their teeth after having lost out an opportunity as such!


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