Is this the most power efficient washing machine in the world?

by Sayan Chakravarty

Consumer electronics manufacturer Haier has introduced three new models of top-loading washing machines in Japan as a part of their ‘Aqua’ line-up which are being touted as the most eco-friendly and energy efficient in the world. Out of the three, the model named ‘AQW-V700C’ has the most energy efficient credentials. The fully automatic washing machine has a washing capacity of 7.0 kg and uses Haier’s proprietary outer rotor type motor which not only cuts down the washing time but also is highly energy efficient and much quieter than other washing machines.

The Haier washing machine has an additional feature called the PWM control which effectively controls the rotation of the motor and helps in saving electricity. The company claims, the washing machine uses only ¥ 1 worth of electricity per washing cycle which is even less than 1 Cent. While in operation, the motor makes noise in the range of 35 to 39dB making it extremely quiet. The Haier washing machine is priced at ¥75,000 ($750 approx.) and hit Japanese markets by the first week of February.

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