Crysis: Warhead’s hilarious way to mess with pirates: all weapons fire chickens instead of bullets

by Sayan Chakravarty

Eradicating online piracy seems like a battle that has no end and developers and software makers after years of struggle have still not able to put a check to it. On detecting a pirated copy, software makers and game developers generally use the generic path of blocking it, but some developers use more quirky yet hilarious ways to mess with online pirates. Here’s one that cracked us up! The German gaming company Crytek’s one person shooting game ‘Crysis: Warhead’ has a unique way of dealing with pirated copies. On detecting a stolen copy, the guns start shooting chickens rather than bullets and it’s absolutely hilarious.

A YouTube video was posted by a person who goes by the username ‘Toxcity666’ who uploaded the video tagging it as a glitch. Check out the video after the jump in which the player keeps switching guns which all shoot chickens. Comments under the video are funnier than the video with the best one reading: “Paying customers should be able to activate this! I love firing chickens from my UZI’s and feel robbed when pirates get this and I don’t!” Some similar tactics have been used earlier by game developers and the most famous of them all was the wobbly camera on Grand Theft Auto IV.

[Via – Reddit]

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