GTA V rakes in a staggering $800 million in first day itself

by Shayne Rana

For the guys at Take-Two Interactive, publishers of many popular gaming titles including newly launched Grand Theft Auto V, September 17, the day the game was launched will always have special meaning to them. That was the day that GTA V made the company over $800m, on the very first day! This is their fastest selling title ever. Of course we know that GTA has always been a popular game since it’s initial stages, but for the developers, Rockstar games, and publishers, this kind of revenue so quickly could have been unprecedented even if they already knew the title was going to do well.

The $800m figure was confirmed by Take-Two Interactive as first day sales when it launched in some regions. This number does not include preorder figures from some countries. In some locations deliveries actually began almost a week before the actual launch thanks to Amazon UK who shipped out preorder copies a little early. The overall first day figure will only be supplemented further as it has not yet made its debut in Japan and Brazil. This kind of turnover means a lot to Rockstar who have put in a good five years into development and just about $115m. Marketing for the game went over and above that reaching a count of about $150m. To have made a staggering profit on the first day alone must have the company partying like their namesake. The game is even expected to reach the $1.6bn mark within a year. The online experience will only expand the GTA V universe and the company has stated that new features will be added as an ongoing offering. Online features and offers will begin October 1.


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