GoPro Harness enables you to view the world through your dog’s eyes

by Shruti Shree

You can’t know what’s going inside your Tyke’s mind, but you can surely see how they view the world. GoPro Inc., the specialist and the largest manufacturer of high definition personal cameras have recently launched the GoPro Fetch harness which will help you record everything your dog does in a day. The GoPro Fetch harness which is very soft, padded and washable can be mounted on the chest and the back of your pooch. The camera attached to the harness on the back will give you the view of activities like jumping, running, swimming, and hunting for the prey (now isn’t that exciting!). From the chest camera, you might get the view of your dog’s bone chewing, dirt digging or playing with another doggie too! But your cute and naughty doggie loves roughhousing and rolling in the mud, and you are afraid that the camera might get lost because of all the action. No need to worry at all! The GoPro Fetch camera has a tether for a sturdy grip on your furry friend.

The GoPro Fetch can be used for dogs of almost any size. Because of its adjustable harness it can be made to fit almost all dogs, from the tiny Chihuahuas to the big sized Great Dane’s with equal ease. Fetch can be bought for a price of $59.99. While GoPro cameras have been used for dog lover’s since some time, the GoPro Fetch harness custom made for holding it, might help to get the best possible footage of a their dog’s life.





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