Google announces details on Android 2.3

by Gareth Mankoo

To keep us from lurking in the dark with poorly informed sources, Google took it upon them to shed some light on the Android 2.3 platform that’s also lovingly referred to as ‘Gingerbread’. Among the many changes introduces is a whole new user interface. This has affected the appearance of backgrounds, menus, settings and the keyboard with better buttons. The latter gives better view of alphabets on the individual keys. What’s new is the multi-touch access that allows user with quicker secondary function, which includes better cut and paste functions as well. Other features include battery life optimization, VoIP calling, an application manager and task killer.

Functionality has been boosted with better speeds thanks to ‘concurrent garbage collection’, more options for mobile game developers to explore, support for NFC, audio effects including reverb, headphone virtualization and bass boost. Google has also updated its SDK Tools (r8), NDK, and ADT Plug-in for Eclipse.

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