Google Glass receives Reddit app already

by Gareth Mankoo

Reddit has its own set of loyalists who swear by every headline they read on the social news website. Of course, now the scope for the same has enhanced to a greater degree and has claimed to be future-proof, thanks to the announcement of a new Google Glass app that is already in the works for Reddit. Google Glass Explorer Malcolm Nguyen has just published an app that has most Reddit fans smiling. The Reddit Timeline enables users to swipe through the top 25 Front Page posts at a time as well as upvote or downvote and even comment on posts that interest them. You can also share something to Reddit directly from your precious Google Glass.

The front page of the site is refreshed on an hourly basis, thanks to the application. This keeps new and updated content on the roll, at all times. In closing, this amazing app also reads out comments to you, should, you be ogling at something far more interesting.

[Via – Ubergizmo]

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