Givori’s new phone collection, Via Veneto becomes a fly away success

by Gareth Mankoo

Luxury cellphones don’t have a very optimistic consumer response in many cases. However, that’s been undone by the success of Via Veneto, a new collection of luxury phones by luxury phone art specialists, Givori. The collection was launched in May with Nokia 8800 Sapphire phones that had scored of accessories studded and embedded onto them. The main feature of these phones is the Italian leather that sheaths it. This has been proved with the upsurge of products been sold by Givori, increasing five times, in the month of May. It’s great to see that this other side of the cellphone market is finding stable ground, even in times as turbulent as these. Because of growing customer demand, the company is planning to ship in more custom made leather from Italy for these phones.

The Givori Via Veneto phones are likely to be make it to more middle eastern countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia after its success in UAE.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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