German table tennis player Timo Ball to face-off with robot

by Gavril Mankoo

It takes more than a human opponent to prove how awesome a table tennis player can be. Or at least that’s what’s playing on my mind after reading what I’m going to share with you. German table tennis player Timo Boll will be taking on an aggressive robot. The project will be kickstarted by industrial-robot manufacturer Kuka who are looking to set their southwestern Shanghai factory off with a bang. The robots from the house of Kuka generally find their use in product assembly, loading and unloading. They have also ventured into fine arts such as painting. So, will we see the video of a robot take on an ace player going viral soon? We sure hope we do.

The Kuka robot has been known to showcase some exceptional talents in the past too. Like for instance, the KR Agilus model successfully replicated 3D artwork made by an Israeli industrial designer, Yaron Elyasi.

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