Future cars will support Windows-based smartphones, using Mirrorlink tech

by Gavril Mankoo

Cars of the future will be a little more technologically advanced than their current-day counterparts. Technology giants like Apple have long been developing and perfecting ways to connect cars and smartphones and most recently, Microsoft has jumped aboard the bandwagon too. The company recently announced its plans to bring smartphone integration with automobiles to the forefront of its plans at the Build developer conference. Microsoft is looking forward to a technology that will help port a smartphone’s screen to a car’s infotainment system, complete with the Windows Metro user interface.

The system will use Mirrorlink, a standard that can port Windows, Android and Blackberry phone systems, unlike CarPlay that’s limited only to Apple devices. Microsoft’s system will enable users to access just about every function of their trusty smartphone, using the infotainment system of their car. The Microsoft system will provide access to GPS navigation, speed limits, music and more! With technology like this being added to commuter cars of the future, staying in touch will be a lot easier and finding yourself lost in a concrete jungle will be a phenomenon of the past! That said, we’re looking forward to smart cars boasting a Windows-based tile-like user interface!

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