Flickr will soon flicker video too

by Dhiram Shah

Flickr up to now has been a photo sharing site but by the end of the next month the beta of Flickr Video will emerge. Flickr, which was acquired by Yahoo in March 2005, defined the concept of photo sharing, but has been slow to extend the service into the video world. In the meantime, Google’s YouTube has become the primary destination for video sharing; capturing one out of every three of the online videos in the U.S. Flickr Video will not replace Yahoo Video, unlike Yahoo Photos, which was folded into Flickr. The audience for Flickr is different.

Flickr has been a pure photo site since its inception. Adding video into the mix has to be done in a way acceptable to the community. In other words, launching a Video service primarily to compete more with YouTube would turn the community off. It has to appeal, in an “authentic” way, to the Flickr community. Let’s hope that it doesn’t end up being a forwarded file dump account of YouTube users.

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