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Fiat 500 Cremino is a ‘chocolate’ of a car

by Gareth Mankoo

The Italians do not just consume food, they adore it. From every aspect does Italian food manage to stir interest and appetites and certain chocolates aren’t to be spare of this adulation. Fiat have rolled out their new set of wheels, called the 500 Cremino, which is based on an Italian Confectionery that rolls out this delicious chocolate variant. The limited edition of this car will pack a 875cc two-cylinder, multi-air turbo engine, and will have a paint job that will inspire you to step up and take a lick off its side.

Other features include 15-inch alloys to run on, maximum torque of 145 Newton meters, and wheelbase of 2300mm. It will cost you around $27,555. That’s a hefty price to bear. Only 100 such cars will be released.

[Fiat-Auto and Bizmakoto]

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