Ferrocious puts ferrofluid sculptures high above lava lamps in geek dens

by Gareth Mankoo

The past has come and gone and we’ve absorbed so little from it that we’re uncool with the modern aspect of everything. That’s where we place the Ferrocious above and beyond the ordinary delights of gooey stuff moving on its own accord. This KickStarter initiative has caught our attention with application rather than style. Yet, the desktop ferrofluid sculpture has scope to look better and do so much more. For starters, a ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes magnetized when a magnetic field is present. Ferrocious makes use of this and shapes the ferrofluid into various shapes and patterns, such as clearly defined spikes or ripples running. Additionally, the contraption has an electromagnet located at the top of the sculpture, and responds to sounds in the range of around 250hz and lower, thus making it responsive to background music.

The unit is powered by a standard DC wall adapter. According to our source, a minimum pledge of $59, will gain you a Simple Ferrofluid Display, which is a clear tube containing the fluid, and an accompanying magnet that you can drag around the outside of the tube in order to manipulate the liquid. For $85, you get a do-it-yourself Ferrocious, which means with the right tools you can build your very own dancing-ferrofluid sculpture. For a pledge of $149, you’ll can get a pre-built Ferrocious. If you want both the Ferrocious and Simple Ferrofluid Display, you may have to cough up $178.

[Via – Geek]

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