Self stirring mug harnesses the power of the force!

by Gavril Mankoo

Metaphysical and quite ubiquitous as it may be in the fictional world, the Force has given living beings the power to enhance natural, physical, and mental abilities before. Now, the Force can also stir your hot cup of coffee as you smile and realize the fact that you probably don’t need to use a spoon every time you crave for a caffeine rush. Behold the Feel the Force Self Stir Mug, a magical, technologically supreme and freakishly geeky breakfast accessory! This mug promises to harness the power of the Force to create a vortex-in-a-cup that in turn stirs your tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup.

All you need to do is say “May the Force be with me”, press a button and voila, your favorite beverage begins self stirring! The mug can brave the hottest and coldest of beverages and still continue to stir, using the force and power of batteries. Priced at £13.99, or roughly about $22.39 for those living across the Atlantic Ocean, this mug is a fantastic way to start a day with the power of the force and also works well to daze and mystify your geeky cronies. Personally, we love the quote printed on its side that says, “The force is strong with this one!”




[Available at Iwant-One-Of-Those]

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