FastSkinz with golf technology to maybe increase gas mileage

by shilpa

Crashing markets, credit crunches and empty pockets – all reasons to give your life span a shorter run than you may have anticipated. At these times of misery, every little bit of saving helps. For instance, there is talk about a new concept to increase the mileage of your car by covering it with a protective dimpled sheet. FastSkinz, made by SkinzWraps, can help improve around 18 – 20 per cent of gas mileage according to the manufacturers. Things are still at an early stage as independent testing is yet to be done. But the concept was born out of the golf ball technology where the dimpled surface helps the balls to fly farther. On cars, the dimpled effect will apparently reduce wake turbulence and increasing its mileage. It is a smart thought but once testing is done and it’s accepted, the doubt remains on the cost of such a product. Nonetheless, it is an interesting product and if it indeed will reduce gas mileage, it will be a landmark discovery for people who like to save some of the cash they earn than provide fodder for combustion.


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