Fake BBM App showed up on Google Play Store, better checks required from Android Market

by Shayne Rana

Apps are available in the thousands and sometimes it’s really easy to get fooled into thinking that an app, just because of its name, would so what it’s supposed to. Since the beginning, Appl’s made it their policy to ensure that every app you use on an iOS product does precisely what it’s designed to do. Be it something ridiculous like play out flatulent sounds or something more serious like fitness tasks for daily work outs etc. Apple’s App Store is quite vigilant of these undertakings. Unfortunately, Android fans aren’t all too secure in the same sense. Recently it was noticed that a BBM app was available on the Google Play Store. Naturally, after hearing about BlackBerry’s plans to make the chat app available to other OSes, I’m sure there must have been a tremendous number of users downloading it only to find out it was a fake.

The link and app have since been removed from the Store but the dull pain of the fact that so many people downloaded it still remains. This is an issue with the app testing, development and posting situation at Google. It doesn’t seem to exist. Anyone can develop even a half-assed app and post it on the store. There’s no real check from Google to see its relevance, if there’s any malicious content etc. It’s a trail and error scenario for the users and a risk we shouldn’t have to take. Maybe Google could take this simply incident as a reason to rethink their app posting policies.


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