Eyez spectacles with embedded camera touches new heights for spy gadgets

by ruchi

When trying to put across a point, we often expect or even ask the opposite person to look from our point of view. The engineering folks at Zion Eyez took this literary phase quite seriously. They have unveiled their first ever product, a set of 720p embedded-camera eyeglasses called Eyez, which houses a tiny camera to the left of the standard-size eyeglass lens. Other tech specs include a processor, Bluetooth and WiFi module embedded in the adjacent ear piece.

This one is definitely one uber-cool gadget and sets an altogether a new benchmark for spycam gadget makers. Needless to say, perverted lovers will have really good time with something like this. Besides that, it is an excellent way to post pictures and videos of things directly on your social hub. Since your smartphone has already taken care of that all this while, this one’s definitely more fun. There is no confirmed word on availability yet but the makers have conceded on a $199 price tag. So next time you someone wearing similar glasses, make sure you do your due diligence well.

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