eStarling 2.0 Wi-Fi Photo Frame

by Dhiram Shah

The second generation of the eStarling digiframe holds a lot of promise. The WiFi enabled digiframe comes in a lustrous piano black finish. It sports a 7″ widescreen color LCD display that views JPEG files. The widescreen aspect ratio boasts a 480 x 234 resolution and features 802.11b/g, WEP, and WPA encryption. The four in one card slot supports MMC, MS, CF, and SD cards. The frame is capable of displaying photos emailed to the picture frame and from Flickr RSS feeds as well. It requires a Windows based setup to get it going. It’s a good upgrade from the previous version and bargain to have.

The Second Generation eStarling Model WPF-187 costs $249.99.

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