Elon Musk is developing a tube based system which will take you from San Francisco to LA in under 30 minutes

by Sayan Chakravarty

Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH as it’s known in the USA, is believed to be one of the best and most picturesque roads in the world. San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles, which are two of the top most tourist destinations of California, is connected by this route. Despite the awe-inducing beauty of Highway 1, travel time of more than 5 hours discourages most of the people from driving between the two cities. But what if it just took 30 minutes to travel from the Golden Gate Bridge to the legendary West Coast of LA? It’s very much possible if ‘Hyperloop’ becomes a reality. The Hyperloop system is a High-speed tube transportation system which is being developed by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and a Colorado based company called ET3.

The project, which they have named ‘Evacuated Tube Transport’, works on the principle of magnetic levitation of small rail coaches. Elevated tube will have to be constructed across the cities that’ll let the rail capsules travel at speeds exceeding 400Kmph. ET3 has already built mock-ups and prototypes and is planning to conduct 3-mile tests by the year end. The technology is considerably cheaper and would just take a quarter of the cost of constructing freeways. It can potentially overhaul the ailing public transport system and make it extremely efficient.


[Via – Yahoo]

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