Edward Snowden action figure is ready to tell on your other unruly toys

by Gareth Mankoo

Ever since the Toy Story franchisee hit fever pitch, it’s been nothing but a realistic personification of toys for most of us. We wonder if they’re going to pop into life when everyone’s asleep, and how! So, when we look at this cool Edward Snowden action figure, our imagination can fantasize only one truly important role for it to play when the toys take to streets, the whistle-blower! After all, the man in all his real being did shake the NSA from its very core by telling on some sensitive government information that he believed they kept under wraps. You can pick the action figure in military brown, a casual clothing outfit with jeans and a tee, a business suit or an Indiana Jones get-up.

The action figure measures about a foot in height and can set you back $99. In case you lose the head you can get yourself a replacement for a mere $60. In fact, the video game that glorifies Snowden as an information collecting hero is already making rounds.


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