Edifier Soundbar is USB powered, built for notebooks

by Gareth Mankoo

You can stop whining about the sputtering sound that your poor notebook speakers throw at you every time you want to listen to Slayer’s ‘Angel of Death’. Here comes a solution that is not only effective but also highly portable. Say hello to the Edifier USB Soundbar for notebooks. This speaker measures just 1.5 inches (tall) x 10.5 inches (long). And hey, it isn’t just about being an added load in your case but also proves to be quite effective in playing good quality music. It’s said that the soundbar contains an in-built woofer and tweeters. Blimey, I wonder how they managed to accommodate all of that in that tiny little body.

It will cost you $49 but at least you can go through the whole Slayer album and still pick a word or two.

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