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Dynahand – New Age Handwritten Passwords

by Dhiram Shah

Creating and managing accounts on the net is no easy feat. The horde of passwords one has to remember along with the various user IDs is brain-wracking. You can’t afford to be careless regarding the password coz you never know who may hack your weak one or simply delve into your subconscious and pick out the ruddy word and steal in to your accounts. It isn’t such a grim picture with the Dynahand that is being developed by the University of Glasgow researchers. “With Dynahand, users simply identify their own handwriting, instead of entering a cryptic password or buying a biometric device to scan their fingerprints.” Yeah, biometric authentications like fingerprints or retinal scans seem better, but they do add a load to the hardware. On the contrary Dynahand needs no extra hardware or memory. You simply need to submit a variety of handwriting samples to open a Dynahand account. And to log on you need to select your own handwriting from the list displayed. You may have to repeat the process a couple of times in case you choose the high-security levels.

The handwriting sample of the Dynahand account contains only digits, as its more difficult for an outsider to figure out numerals as compared to handwriting. As the digits are displayed in random order, the handwriting remains the only clue to the correct answer. Though Dynahand may not be advisable for sensitive information, such as bank accounts or health records, it sure will find favors with those wary of the computer and its passwords. The main hurdle in getting Dynahand commercial is the creation of new accounts, which is tedious, time-consuming job, says computer scientist Karen Renaud of University of Glasgow, who worked on Dynahand.

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