Duped teen who paid $450 for a picture of the Xbox One receives the real deal for Christmas!

by Gareth Mankoo

We all had our views and opinions about fraudulent transactions on eBay as soon as we heard of the unfortunate Mr. Clatworthy. This teenager paid £450 for an Xbox One, only to receive an image of the console. His misfortune went viral with millions of bloggers and readers spreading word of his misadventure. This, however, seemed to have pulled a sympathy chord in high-street electronics retailer, CeX, who gifted him an actual console. It’s true that they did get this across to Clatworthy for Christmas and now he most probably believes in Santa all over again.

Clatworthy is a student and had saved up to buy a limited-edition Xbox One Day One version. His purchase on November 28th turned out to be a disaster when he received an image of the console for his hard-earned money. He has surely given up all hopes of making online payments. In appreciation of CeX’s gesture, he said, “This shows there are some nice, kind people out there and it’s really overwhelming. I can’t thank them enough. I’ve had other people contact me to say they have been stung too but not reported it. I don’t think I’ll be shopping online anymore.”

[Via – Nottingham-Post]

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