Dude gets a super Nintendo controller tattoo dedicated to his grandma

by Gareth Mankoo

Now what drives you to getting a tattoo? Think about it. Has to be something that’s so deeply etched in you that you wouldn’t mind its impression on your skin till the day you die. So we have this cool tattoo of a Nintendo controller that surely must be the alpha and the omega in the life of this dude, Jonah Ray. What makes his message of love for video games even stronger are the words “Mom Mom” inscribed above the controller. Does his grandma really stand at that position in his memory where his Nintendo does? Well. I wonder with whom he spent more time. Not all that hard a guess.

The Nintendo controller tattoo may have been coupled with the heart-touching message for the simple fact that Jonah wanted to save some bucks on getting two separate tattoos by coupling them up as one design. If that’s so then he is a smart ass.

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