DHL will use Drone Parcelcopters to deliver Pharmaceuticals for the First Time

by Shruti Shree

Drones are being seen as the future of autonomous airborne good transportation. Till now Google and Amazon have tested drones, but they have not gotten the permission from FAA to deploy them in the real world. DHL will be the first company to use a ‘parcelcopter’ drone in the real world today. The parcelcopter drone will carry medicines from the harbour town of Norddeich, Germany to a small Island of Juist in the North Sea. The unmanned parcelcopter weighs 5 kgs and can carry a parcel of up to 1.2 kgs. The four rotor drone can attain an altitude of 50 meters, go up to 12km each way and can fly at a speed of 65 kilometres an hour. German officials have permitted the use of drones in remote areas where the shipping in usual ways is difficult. The drones will also fly over less populated areas and not over the houses, so there’s no question of privacy breach. The device will be monitored by German Flight Ministry and German Transport Safety, who will take care that the drones don’t collide with each other. Deutsche Post said that if the trials are successful, then they will use drones services in remote areas in case of any emergency.


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