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Dart-launching night vision goggles

by Dhiram Shah

You think of night vision goggles and the first idea that strikes you mind is some heavy glasses which let you see everything in green. If night is the only time of paramount importance for your prankster kind of mood, then this is the gadget to do it, the Night Vision Goggles with Dart Launcher. It is offered by Discovery Channel Store and specifically tailor-made to aid in night-time espionage missions. This unique learning toy ships a green night vision lens, a dart launcher, and a couple of bright LED white lights that help you blind your target momentarily.

All the paranoid parents out there need to chill down…coz these 5 darts come with suction cups so in any case you brat wouldn’t blind anyone accidentally. These goggle are already in “available” status with a price tag of $19.95.

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  1. B12love

    I’m unclear why this is a “learning toy”. Oh, and for realism you’ll need to cut the field of view down to 40 degrees, so the Little Darlings can get pasted with broadsides they never saw coming…


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