Continuous gaming record broken, man plays COD Black Ops 2 for 135 hours

by Gareth Mankoo

He may dawn the Wolverine beard and will give you the perfect excuse to playing long hours and not wear spectacles, but what matters is that the man’s in the record books and by good measure. Okan Kaya managed to smash the world record for non-stop gaming as he went on a 135-hour rampage, playing Call of Duty – Black Ops 2. The challenge began on Tuesday where Okan commenced gaming with ten minute breaks every hour and energy drinks and light meals in tow. Okan is the sales manager for 4Cabling. Guinness allowed him to accrue breaks and sleep for several hours at a time. Well, how else do you think he would manage such a feat?

Okan said, ‘My hands were cramping up and I went through a lot of bandages. I even tried to ‘pad up’ my controller. This is a feat not to be attempted at home since it claimed the life of a Taiwanese teenager earlier this year. The latter was on a 40-hour session of Diablo 3.


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