Contact lenses that can transmit data, a Spy’s dream come true

by Shayne Rana

The various Spy groups all over must be going ballistic with excitement with the news that contact lens heads up displays could soon become a reality. Of course it’s more than likely they already have this technology, but I’m a 007 movie buff so I’ll believe anything. But Dr. Babak Parviz of the University of Washington in Seattle has just shown off a new prototype of lens that’s equipped with a semi-transparent array that includes an LED that receives 330 microwatts of power wirelessly from a RF transmitter in the close vicinity. The prototypes he’s designed have been able to so far display biosensor feedback about the wearer’s vital signs. These type of lenses infused with this kind of technology are called opto-electronic contact lenses.

The technology is far from complete of course and tests are still underway to take this tech to the next level so that users will be able to use the special lenses to receive more data. There’s talk of newer models being able to interact and integrate with transmitters located in future mobile handsets. The new lenses could also come equipped with more LEDs to provide for a better resolution. I wonder if they’ll also come with my prescription?


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