Computex: OPCOM Farm Cube mini farm can be controlled by your tablet

by Gareth Mankoo

You may be blessed with a green thumb but a spacious farm to exercise your good charm may be lacking. That’s why we take much joy in sharing this interesting little concept with you. The OPCOM Farm Cube is basically a mini farm that leverages LED growth lights, UV purified water and an adjustable fans to make up for the absence of its exposure to the outside atmosphere. The indoor farm is a lot more convenient to tend to, thanks to sensors that constantly monitor the humidity and quality of water among other things. The best part is that you can control and monitor your entire farm using your tablet. Being hydroponic you do not have to stress too much on the soil aspect of the setup. The software even packs a training module for novices.

In addition to veggies you can also seed flowers. The cubes measure 1×2 meters and a just under a meter tall. There’s no better feeling than eating your very own, ‘home-grown’ produce. A single tray can cost you up to $1,000. But then again, think about it as a sustainable investement.

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