CNN App launches on iPad, iPhone version made free

by Gareth Mankoo

CNN were in a generous mood off-late, thus giving them the opportunity to brighten up the news hogs’ day by introducing the iPad version of their App and by declaring their iPhone version as free to download. The App follows the navigation norms on the website and gives users the option to choose between international and national headlines. The features that make this one more appealing as compared to the earlier seen BBC’s iPlayer App (which by now must’ve done better) includes related videos that are selected based on the corresponding text, content sharing via e-mail and social networks, archiving of stories and offline viewing of saved pages.

The same App, for the iPhone, that earlier cost some unfortunate users $2 is now avaialble for free. For now, the offer seems to be US-only. iPads running iOS 3.2 is are capable of supporting the App.

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