Can saltwater be our next fuel?

by Dhiram Shah

John Kanzius from Erie made an outrageous discovery while he was working on a radio-wave generator he had developed for the treatment of cancer. He discovered that while he was attempting to desalinate sea water using radio frequencies, he noticed flashes and within a few days, had saltwater burning in a test-tube. Obviously there were many skeptics and the reports were rubbished. But some people showed interest in the possibility of seeing if salt water could be used as an alternate fuel. Apparently last week a Penn State University chemist named Rustum Roy held a demonstration trying to prove this point. It’s not the water burning, but the radio frequencies weaken the bonds holding together the salt, releasing hydrogen which is ignited when exposed to the RF field. According to both the scientists, it’s now the question of how efficient this technology will be.

Salt water combusting- the technology is being presented to the US Department of Defense and Department of Energy to investigate how useful the technology will be. Dr. Roy says, “This is the most abundant element in the world. It is everywhere,” and “Seeing it burn gives me chills.”


  1. PA inventor discovers a method for burning saltwater as fuel

    How’s this for an unlikely yet extremely exciting potential fuel source: saltwater. Yes, the substance that covers 70% of the earth’s surface, the most common liquid on earth. A…

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    “typical american innovator”.
    Racist, jingoist.


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