Bulb-shaped, LED lit, alarm clock

by shilpa

It’s an odd thing to like, but I like bulbs. They give such a nostalgic feeling with its strange pear-like shape and its funny
copper wires twisted within. Not bringing it back for real, this is a design of an alarm clock. it is the Watt Time Alarm Clock. it is made of high gloss, hard plastic and illuminates the bright blue LED light time display. Which means that, since it isn’t made of glass, you can still throw it out of the window and hope it falls on grass when you want to sleep some more. If noise doesn’t help, then you can try to keep the alarm through setting a light alarm. If that also doesn’t
work, then you are doomed. The alarm clock has all its settings at the back side and you can buy it at Quirky’s for just $24.99.

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