Brother’s AiRScouter Zaps Your Retina with Virtual Images

by Dhiram Shah

This wacky gadget from Brother looks somewhat like a Bluetooth device for your eyes. In fact, the AiRScouter
is a mini screen mounted on a spectacle-like frame that projects virtual images directly onto your retina, which
sounds a little painful and potentially rather harmful to your peepers, doesn’t it? The team at Brother believes
this will appeal to engineers and such types who would benefit from being able to consult schematics whilst
keeping their hands free. However, it is also likely to appeal to internet and social networking junkies. With
the AiRScouter, you will be able to go anywhere and do anything whilst also being able to check what’s going
on in the world of virtual reality. If you don’t wear specs already, with 24-hour internet surfing, courtesy of the
AiRScouter, you may well need them.

Brother’s AiRScouter is still in the prototype phase. Watch this space for news of production and availability.

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