Bring Rambo to paintball with the $185 Bow-Mount Paintball Airow Gun

by Gareth Mankoo

Paintball is all about being brutal doing not so brutal things. That’s why the idea of the Bow-Mount Paintball Airow Gun seems so apt. It’s so amazing and dominating on the lesser species that covers under cover, that you would fathom blowing the paper rocks to pieces to get through to them. This gun lets you adapt your compound or recurve bow so you can sling arrow-paintballs along with everyone else. With a shot of up to 280 feet per second, with bull-eye accuracy, there’s little the craven can do to escape. And, there’s also something to give you a one up against those fancy gun slingers who flood the arena. You aren’t at the mercy of compressed air!

Among the features we’d like the most are the .68-caliber paintballs firing using air-push technology (sans CO2), propelling paintballs at 240-280 f.p.s. on 50-lb. bow at 28″ draw, ultra-quiet operation, low-maintenance, easy installation with included step-by-step instruction and 28 1/2″ long, threatening looks. $185 at Amazon.






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