Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier makes portable speakers sound cooler

by Gavril Mankoo

You need to be a serious audiophile to find the need to buy a Bluetooth speaker, just so that you can play out loud the music you carry with you everywhere. And being an audiophile, it’s pretty obvious you prefer clearer sounds, deeper bass notes and crystal clean highs. To help make your Bluetooth music experience a load better than it currently is, here’s a Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier that literally does what its name states, i.e. helping Bluetooth-enabled devices sound better. This amplifier sports two 6N3 tubes that generate 20 RMS watts per channel of distortion-free signal.

The amplifier can work with Bluetooth-enabled sound devices as well as with a 1/8″ stereo audio input, or a pair of RCA inputs. A switch on the top of this amp enables users to switch between sound sources. The amplifier is a serious brick of machinery indeed and ensures limited distortion and a superior audio performance that’ll leave you grinning like a happy infant. Measuring in at 10″ H x 17 1/2″ W x 10″ D, this one requires an AC power output to come to life and weighs in at just 9 lbs., despite the fact that it looks worth a ton. If you’ve got $1,800 to spare and an ear for better music, don’t fret from picking this sweet amplifier, now!


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