BlackBerry Orlando a.k.a Curve Touch to be all touchscreen

by madhulika

Yup. All touchscreeen, just like Apple!
Seems like RIM is going all guns to make sure that it is numero uno in the Mobile World. So while it’s presently prepping two new additions to its Curve line, codenamed Apollo (GSM) and Sedona (CDMA), for its ambitious all-touch Curve, often dubbed as Curve Touch or Malibu, the company plans to go Apple’s way. In fact, N4BB blog reveals a picture of what could be the BlackBerry Orlando (a.k.a Touch) will be just like its Apollo and Sedona, but with a touchscreen. Alas, no further details on the release though. But be sure when it does, it would be stunning. Hopefully the boobs at Jobs are listening!

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