Biometric Gun Box Safe comes with GPS, fingerprint scans and USB charging

by Gareth Mankoo

Somehow, all things ‘weapon’ intimidate the unrighteous. While this works fairly well in our favor, we barely use the magic of weapon-threats to thwart undesirables away from our possessions. If you are moved by this deep observation and would like to invest in the same then do not miss out on the cool Gun Box we have here. Being a biometric safe, it opens only on sensing an RFID presence on you or a fingerprint scan. How this adds security to the whole deal is by forcing the genius (who managed to break through the technological defense) to believe that you will be very mad and well armed. There’s a lot more to the box, but it would need you to trouble yourself a bit and head after the jump for it.

The Biometric Gun Box sells for $279. The awesome part is that the box serves as a USB charger for your phone as well. Then, there’s GPS tracking that updates users on the movement of the box.

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