Behold the Me-Mover! The greenest and healthiest way to get around Copenhagen!

by Gavril Mankoo

As a planet that’s quickly being drained of every fossil fuel worth using, we’ve begun looking for alternative ways to power up our vessels of transport. While quite a few have switched over to electricity and fuel cells, here’s something a little more humane to the environment, a person-powered personal vehicle! Called the Me-Mover, this contraption is the brainchild of inventor Jonas Eliasson and is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. The Me-Mover enables a user to ride in a “natural, standing position, simply by stepping forwards.” To get the Me-Mover moving, a user needs to perform a stepping action, not unlike a step-machine you’d find in a conventional gym. This enables users to work-out as they travel, without leaving behind a cloud of pollutants!

The Me-Mover was built specifically for cities like Copenhagen and all the prototypes of this contraption have been tested there. “The city is not built for being active and mobile” says Eliasson, “so we designed Me-Mover to solve that.” Copenhagen was an obvious choice for Eliasson and his Danish development team. “We knew if we could win over the global cycling capital, we could take on the world,” he said. The Me-Mover is bound to make people step out of their cars, gyms and homes and begin travelling in one of the most energy-efficient ways currently available!



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