Bazen AT-956TV Bathtub for long and entertaining tub sessions

by Dhiram Shah

The Japanese come up with toilet seats which have more buttons than an average car and the Koreans are here with a bathtb fit for multimedia junkies. Unveiled at the Kyung Hyang housing fair in Korea the Bazen AT-956TV Bathtub has a built in heater pump with a digital thermostat so you can set the water temperature to the last degree. It also acts as a mini Jacuzzi for relaxing your back and legs. Now coming to the interesting part the tub has a LCD screen, DVD player and a TV tuner, so you can catch up your favourite movie, news or CNBC while relaxing after a day’s hard work. The controls are located conviniently on the tub edges so you can switch between DVD, TV or FM radio with the push of a button.

Maybe the next version will support Bluetooth for pairing up your mobile phone for long and lengthy conversations. The Bazen AT-956TV is available in Korea for 4900000 KRW ($ 5200).
Via – Luxurylaunches
The DVD player.

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