Augmented reality technology becoming a reality, shoppers save only time, not money

by Shayne Rana

Japan always has the coolest stuff and ore devices that make life ever so convenient and comfortable like Augmented reality technology. Just in case you’re hearing of that for the first time, allow me to clue you in. AR technology implies the use of various kinds of tech to help take advertising to the masses in a more interactive and imaginative way. Something like Microsoft’s Project Natal that allows users to try on a variety of clothes without actually physically trying them on. So Japanese companies have been experimenting with this tech for awhile and some of this technology has been applied to vending machines in a few Japanese supermarkets.

Samples of various products available at these kiosks can be obtained by interaction between the built in terminal and your mobile handset by downloading codes of the company’s website and showing it to the camera on the device. Sony Music Communications Inc (SMC) and Sky&Road Co Ltd have also begun to showcase terminals like this that allow shoppers and other users to superimpose themselves into cloths available in the store. The system uses face recognition technology to do this and the level of interaction not only makes it unique but can also save a lot of time. Hmmm… I wonder, if my girlfriend had a system like this at home and was able to order online, would she ever leave the house? At all?
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