Asus unveils Laptops with secondary displays

by Dhiram Shah

Mobile phones with second displays are nothing new, infact they are very convinient too as you can see the incoming caller’s number without opening the phone and a perform many similar functions. The trend is quickly spreading on and at the ongoing Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco Taiwan based Asustek showcased a notebook which has a second display which allows users to operate the MP3 player and Email without unfolding the device. Notebooks that come with a second display are considered a special design concept for lappies running the upcoming Vista operating system, according to Taiwan notebook makers. The second display does provide functionality but also looks damn cool. Doesnt it ? Mitac is also developing notebooks with secondary displays wonder if we will ever see Macbooks with two displays.

The laptops still remain a concept and it is known when they will hit the stores.

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