Asus A696 ultra slim GPS PDA

by Dhiram Shah

The A696 ultra-slim GPS PDA from ASUS has been dubbed as a “power accessory”. It offers full GPS functionality sans a jutting antenna and is housed in a stainless steel case that sports an anti-glare 3.5-inch touchscreen. It is 1.57cm slim and enjoys GPS support via Destinator Technologies’ routing engine and navigation content. It features a QuickNav button that takes you directly to a predetermined address or POI. It also supports wireless capability ( 802.11 b/g) and Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate that speeds up data exchange by up to two to three times over conventional Bluetooth. The flash memory stores the data plus the SD card slot takes care of the overload.

The A696 GPS PDA from ASUS runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. it will hit the shelves in about two weeks for £200 (~$400).

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